Sunday, November 28, 2010

Animal Survival Game

Avril has been reading the Kids Care! book and a few days ago she asked that we make the Animal Survival Game (page 82 of the book). We made a board game before (the Cheese Game) and we still play it from time to time. This sounded like a good project, so we cut a cardboard box into small cards and too one sheet of paper for the board. I drew the path on the board and blue pictures of water and red pictures of caves. Avril draw the stars ("I'm good at them because I practice at school") and everything else including the rewards at the finish (checkered flags, the crown, "Happy birthday" banner etc). As I was writing cards, she also added rainbows, park ranger cars, and another cave).
I wrote the text on the cards and she drew pictures on them. She decided to draw "bad things on bad cards" (dragons and angry dogs) and "nice things on nice cards" (rainbows). The two cards with pictures I show in this post have pictures drawn jointly by me and her: the first card has a dog and two-headed dragon (I did the dragon and she added six eyes on his body); on the second card, I drew the kite on the right and Avril added everything else.  At the end I added a balloon showing that the girl is thinking about a heart.
We played the game twice and really loved it.

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